Today we mark our first anniversary since we founded Bath Machine Learning Meetup last year. The aim of this meetup hasn't changed since - it's all about learning and knowledge sharing in the community.

Last year we had many exciting talks and workshops. Some shared their experiences in ML projects and Kaggle competitions, some walked us through how to clean data, build our own neural network in R from scratch, Twitter sentiment analysis in Python, workshop on Azure ML Studio, and many more. To learn ML practically, we also launched a mini-ML project to predict parking spaces in Bath using historical parking data provided by Bath Hacked. Given the time, day, weather, and events happening in Bath, how many parking spaces will be available in the car parks in the city? That is what we are trying to model.

Bath ML meetup is an inclusive community, inviting everybody to learn and share their enthusiasm for Machine Learning and beyond. Come ask questions, chat about something new you found out, explore some new coding tricks, and meet people. This is a place for everyone.

Thanks again to everyone who joined us last year, and for those who are new - welcome on board! We are excited to see the community growing.


Categories: Non-technical